2009 BMW 750i

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With robust awesome exterior and friendly interior, the BMW 750i is a nice pick for all those who want class, elegance and stylishness in their every move. But many may reckon the exterior somewhat derivative and dull, as you would find, 3-series touch in its sheet-metal.

BMW 750i

When it comes to interior, various natural materials have been used quite lavishly and some great improvements are quite evident in the ergonomics, the thing that is really praiseworthy is its hold button that allows riders to comfortably place their brake foot on traffic lights.  Seats are remarkably comfortable and cozy, but without active seat function that you can find in the package of the Luxury Seating. It’s Sixteen-way seating adjustments provide an array of possible positions.

Seating Adjustments

Well, if you are willing to spend some good amounts, you can definitely succeed to impress your friends with loads of options like night vision, automatic doors with soft closing, display for head-up, spot detection and roll stabilization are the things that would really cast a good impression on your friends. But it’s also true that some of these features can already be seen somewhere else especially in many tech toys available in the market these days.

Automatic Doors

There is a huge navigation screen, but how strange it is that it doesn’t provide ample information about streets. You will still find the iDrive wart, but the thing this is really playful is its radar cruise control as well as side cameras. If you are willing to tick on all the available package boxes, get ready to pay $16,600 more that makes BMW 750i a vehicle worth over $100K

Huge Navigation Screen

To power the 750i, a 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 beast with 32valve has been housed in it that produces 400hp with  torque of 450 lb-ft. It can cover 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds with 1800-4500 rpm. It starts out in 2nd gear, as the normal suspension mode helps it save gallons and greenbacks. However, it’s not a new trick at all, and you can also see it in the Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche Cayenne

You wouldn’t find the 750i a car that jumps start once you get in, you definitely have to show some patience to let her find its all settings that you find according to your style.

Jumps Start

In short, this is a vehicle that can definitely guide BMW to get in another era of technology and it, indeed, paves a smooth way to others too.

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