15 Amazing Facts About Electric Cars

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Electric Cars

People who are interested to buy electric cars should know some basic facts. Hopefully the following information will help a lot in buying decision as well as the general operation of electric cars.

1. Kinds of Electric cars

Electric cars are of two types, All-Electric and Plug-in hybrid. All-electric cars are the vehicles that runs on the chemical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. People, who are looking for all-electric cars, consider Nissan Leaf. It is eco-friendly as well as energy-efficient.

On the other side, Plug-in hybrid is a hybrid vehicle that contains rechargeable batteries that can be charged by plugging it into external electric power source. Ford Escape is a Plug-in hybrid.

2. Ways to charge Electric cars

  • House hold outlet: Electric cars have a cable that is used to charge these vehicles from household outlet. Such charging lasts only for 5 miles and people need to charge it again at least after an hour.
  • Pedestal-Mounted equipment: Pedestal mounted equipment is also use to charge the electric cars and it is better than the previous one, because with people can travel up-to 15-30 miles.
  • DC swift charging: In this method of charging, a gas pump type station is used to transfer electrons into battery of electric car. Such cars can travel up-to 80 miles, but only few electric cars support this type of charging.

3. Home based charging stations

Electric cars can be charged from home-based charging stations, but it is costly. In order to install such station you need to spend US $1500-$2500. This cost can exceed for elongated electric wiring run.

4. Wait for the public charging stations

People who are planning to buy an electric car should wait for the time, public charging stations are in installation process. Round about 15000 public charging stations are expected to be installed.

5. All-Electric cars are not meant for long trips

All-Electric cars are not meant for long trips, these electric vehicles can be used to travel within the country. All-electric cars can travel only up-to only 100 miles or 200 miles (exceptions) once charged fully. People who want to use all-electric vehicles for long trips and public charging stations are on their route, they can travel across the country.

6. Plug-in hybrids can be used for long trips

In contrast to all-electric car, plug-in hybrid can be used for distant trips.

7. Electric cars have low maintenance cost

As compare to other vehicles, electric car owners bear less maintenance cost. This is mainly because electric cars are zero-emission vehicles. Maintainace cost of plug-in hybrid is less than the gasoline powered electric vehicles.

8. Warranties of batteries

Normally warranty period of batteries of most of the electric vehicles is 7 years. It may vary from car to car, warranty of Nissan leaf battery is 8 years.

9. All-Electric cars are not zero-emission vehicles

It is believed that all-electric cars have no tail-pipes and these are the vehicles with zero emission level. In fact it is a myth. In comparison to gasoline powered vehicles, these vehicles are far less harmful to environment.

10. Electric cars are less burdensome

As compare to other fuel-operated vehicles, electric cars are less burdensome because electric cars are energy efficient.

11. Advantages

Electric cars cause less-pollution because these cars are Eco-friendly. Apart from it, electric cars are noise-free as compare to other vehicles. Being somewhat smaller in size, these vehicles can be easily parked anywhere.

12. Safety

Electric cars are as safe as the other gasoline vehicles.

13. Performance

It’s a myth that electric cars can’t run at high speed. Electric cars can be run at high speed, one can even drag it.

14. Electric cars recovers energy

The energy which is utilize while accelerating electric cars is recovered when brakes are applied, this energy is the used to recharge the batteries.

15. Availability of parts

People think that spare parts of electric cars are not easily available, it is not the fact. Like other cars, parts of electric cars can be bought from maintenance or spare parts shops.

Some buying decisions need lot of research work; buying behavior regarding electric cars is one of such decision. Being rare as compare to gasoline vehicles, people are normally reluctant to buy electric car. It is a rough estimate that by the end of 2011, all the leading car manufacturers will step into the field of electric car manufacturing.

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