10 Cars that will Rule Next 10 Years

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Cars that will Rule

Cars are considered to be the objects of investment. Most of the people prefer to buy those cars which have better resale value. What will be its worth after 10 years? Have you ever asked this question from car dealer? If it is your biggest concern, you should go through the following count down of “10 cars that will rule next 10 years”

1. Honda Civic

Honda Civic is an ever green car. Civic is famous for its unique design and durability. Honda Civic was launched in 1972. Its initial model was meant for two passengers. Over the years, it gained popularity and Honda reshaped its subcompact and compact cars. There is one solid reason that makes people to prefer Honda Civic over other compact cars… it is affordable. Honda Civic is among the simpler categories of Honda family. It is not anti-wind, that’s why its miles per gallon value; 26 on the highway and 34 in the city. Honda Civic also won title, “Car of the year Japan” from 1972-1974.

2 .Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 is good looking luxury car. It made its debut in 2003 at Newyork auto show. Since then, it had undergone several changes. It is expected that it’s up-coming version i.e. 2011 Chrysler 300C AWD will be a great hit. Regardless of any particular model year, if you own a Chrysler 300 that mean you have done safe investment. It is among the cars that has better resale value. That’s the reason; it is at number 2 in our list of “10 cars that will rule next 10 years”.

3. Ford Flex

The car that is occupying the 3rd position in our list is Ford Flex. If you are thinking to buy a crossover that should efficiently serve you next 10 years, you can consider Ford Flex. It was launched in 2007 at Newyork international auto show. It features 3.5L Duratec or EcoBoost engine with six speed transmission. It’s a comfortable and fuel-efficient crossover.

4. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler is an off-road SUV. It is assembled by the Chrysler. It best suits the people, who always look for a strong, sporty and all wheel off-road SUV. Wrangler was launched in 1987. It was modified in 1997 and 2007. Jeep Wrangler is also known as Jeep TJ. It’s a heart throb of adventurous people and all time favorite cars of people who are keen of hunting.

5. Mini Cooper

Car that is ruling 5th position in the list of “10 cars that will rule next 10 years” is Mini Cooper. It was launched in 1961 and its up-graded version, Mini Cooper S was launched in 1963. It is powered by 1071cc racing engine.

6. Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger is manufactured by Chrysler Corporation. It’s a classic car. Challenger gave a tough competition to Mustang and Camaro. Dodge launched its first Challenger in 1970. After then, throughout the years it introduced different models. 1st generation pony car; 1970 to 1974, 2nd generation; from 1978 to 1983, and third generation; 2008 to present. Dodge Challenger is available in engines with variable transmission. 2011 model is powered by V6 engine and features Multiple Displacement System and Variable Camshaft Timings. This power pack ranks it as “10 cars that will rule next 10 years”.

7. Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle occupies the 7th position in our list of “10 cars that will rule next 10 years”. It is fuel-efficient car manufactured by German Auto Maker. It’s a rear wheel drive vehicle. Bettle is powered by air-cooled engine. Volkswagen has planned to launch new version of Bettel in 2012.

8. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz SLS is a luxury car. Mercedes is famous for its stylish cars and SLS AMG is one of its innovative and trendy creations. Its sporty wings add more grace in its looks. It is powered by 6.2L, V8 DOHC engine with 7-speed automatic transmission. SLS AMG is a sports car.

9. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The second last car on our list of “10 cars that will rule next 10 years” is Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It is a 4-wheel sporty SUV. It is renowned as durable and reliable vehicle. Mercedes Benz basically designed it for German army. Its first model was launched in 1979. Since then, Mercedes Benz has embedded many changes in its body and styling. If you have an adventurous heart and wana explore your passion for tough cars, G-Class could be a good choice.

10. Ford Fusion Hybrid

The last car on our list of “10 cars that will rule next 10 years” is Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford has anticipated the future and worth of hybrid cars that’s why it has introduced this Hybrid version. Being a Hybrid car, it is fuel-efficient and environment friendly. If you are planning for safe investment in form of car, you can consider Ford Fusion Hybrid. Major car manufacturers are already manufacturing Hybrid cars because they better knows the scope of Hybrid technology in coming years.

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