Zagato Builds New Car For Maserati Centennial

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Zagato, a prominent vehicular design house, is celebrating the centennial of the Maserati car company by introducing a new concept vehicle for the company. This is known as the Mostro and it has been designed with just five cars in production. All five of these cars have been sold.

The Mostro is a carbon fiber and steel vehicle that was built for racing purposes although the version that Zagato has prepared has been made to where it can be street legal. This uses a V8 engine and a six-speed transmission plus 19-inch wheels. The side windows are also fixed to keep a more streamlined appearance around the main body of the car.

In addition, the doors open upward. This is also to keep the streamlined appearance intact. The rear wing is also adjusted to create enough downforce so the drag that comes onto the car while it is moving real fast will be kept at a minimum. This ensures that the car can go on for as long as possible without delaying or struggling to move in any case.

The design of this car from Zagato is a big part of Maserati’s centennial to see. This vehicle is just one of many specialized designs that Zagato has made over the years.

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