4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Car Cover During Snowy Weather

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Parking in a driveway or on the street during winter months can leave your truck buried in snow, making clearing it off difficult. On top of that, the snow becomes packed down hard from plows pushing it around your truck or driveway.

No matter how much snow has fallen, it is significant to clear your truck off. We listed four reasons why your truck should not be covered in snow to encourage you to clear it off during winter or better yet invest in Chevy truck covers or one that fits your model.

It Can Be Costly

Leaving the snow on your truck can result in costly repair bills. While braking, heavy snow can cause damage to the blades, arms, and motor. Failing to clear loose snow prior to starting your truck and switching on the heat, can cause snow to be pulled into the system, resulting in issues with the linkages and control doors.

It is Against the Law

Law enforcement has many tools available to them to deal with iced-covered glass and snow-covered vehicles. These include things such as verbal and written warnings, expensive fines, and loss of points on your license. Due to the many hazards, officers are constantly on the watch for offenders during winter.

Battery Loses Charge

When trucks are allowed to sit for lengthy periods, the battery can lose the charge, especially true for older batteries. For older batteries, it takes longer to charge or may need replacing.

Potential for Back Injury

Snow left on your truck eventually melts and turns to water where it freezes like cement. This results in snow and ice that is tough to remove and increasing the chance of a back injury.

These problems can be avoided by investing in a truck cover. California Car Cover Co. carries a wide range of universal and custom fit covers for all make and models, such as Ford, GMC, and Chevy truck covers. They are also the only manufacturer who carries a 100% cotton car cover, providing more breathability and softness than poly-cotton.

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