Value of second hand 4x4s increases ahead of winter weather

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British Car Auctions (BCA) has revealed this week that the price of used 4×4 vehicles is on the rise at the moment as more British drivers decide to invest in a car that it suitable to tackle the kind of weather that is likely to cause travel problems across the country this winter, according to

In October the average cost of buying a used 4×4 was up by 7.3 per cent month on month, hitting £13,864. This is also an annual increase when compared with the same month in 2012, which shows that the inclement conditions experienced earlier in 2013 have made this type of car even more desirable.

It is usually in December that values for 4x4s hit their peak, as back in 2012 when the average resale value of a used example was £14,816. Now analysts believe that December 2013 might see a higher maximum average value than ever before, particularly if the wintry weather comes back with a vengeance as it has done in recent years following a relatively mild autumn.

4x4 cars for families

Growing Demand

BCA spokesperson Tim Naylor said that 4×4 cars were in demand across the country and pointed out that this year used values had risen in spite of the fact that the temperatures recorded throughout September and October were warmer than usual.

Stormy weather towards the end of last month was probably a factor, although it is the snow and ice that really makes people seek out cars with four wheel drive as opposed to two wheel drive models.

4×4 cars for families are not only a good choice when making the school run becomes treacherous in winter and safety is a concern, but also as a practical motoring option. Four wheel drive vehicles are typically large both inside and out, with a high driving position giving you a good view of the road ahead and plenty of internal space allowing for all the kids and luggage room you need to get by.

Being Prepared

Mr Naylor believes that Brits are not leaving things to chance in 2013 and choosing to buy 4×4 cars sooner rather than later so that they are not caught out when a cold snap arrives. Although it is difficult to predict the weather in the long term, it is possible to prepare for any eventuality, which is what prudent drivers are doing at the moment.

There are a number of things which will result in a four wheel drive vehicle being more valuable on the used market, including comfort and luxury-oriented optional extras such as leather trim, air conditioning and built-in satellite navigation capabilities.

Mr Naylor also said that 4×4 buyers will be willing to pay more if a car has outdoorsy extras, such as spotlights and even built-in winches that can help with towing.

These are all things to bear in mind if you are going to get a 4×4 this winter and use it as a dedicated car for your family’s transport need.

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