Toyota Unveils MeWe to Dazzle Car Buyers

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MeWeCar makers around the world are now stepping out of the comfort zone and trying to experiment with various features of the vehicle to ensure that they bring out better vehicles that suit the requirements of the consumers. Toyota has now announced that they have come up with an innovative car design that allows them to blend four cars in one single vehicle. The all new Toyota MeWe can be configured as a small city car, off road vehicle, ute and also as a convertible depending on what the consumers really want from it.

The company said that this will be a five seat electric vehicle that does not threat the environment at all and will offer lot of comfort to the consumers because it is very customizable and can also be used as a global car fleet. The company said that they have come up with this car in collaboration with European industrial designer Jean-Marie Massaud. Toyota said that the name of the car itself reflects the attitude of the vehicle. The Me stands for individual freedom and options while We stands for responsibility towards society. The company said that they have used lightweight and recyclable materials that will make this car eco-friendly.

Toyota said that they have provided more importance to the passenger space in the vehicle and therefore the luggage can be carried on the roof. However, there is enough rear side luggage space available similar to ute. The roof of the vehicle can be opened and therefore it can be used as a cabriolet vehicle as well.

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