Toyota Announced Sales Result for November 2011

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Sales Reports of a company reflects its market position and brand image, especially when we talk about automobile industry annual and monthly sales report serves as a decisive factor about the launch of new vehicle because many people mold their decisions on the basis of sales report. As a matter of fact leading automobile companies publicized the monthly sales report to reveal the customers’ response which they win as compare to previous month and same month of last year. Toyota has also announced the sales results for November 2011.

Toyota Division group vice president and general manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., and Inc. Bob Carter said, “Our sales performance this month is a testament to the strength of our new products. Camry’s momentum continued in November, with sales up 8 percent from last year. Camry Hybrid, which arrived in dealerships last month, has been very well received by customers and we expect it to play a much larger role than in past years. The Prius family also had a big month, as the new Prius v was the fastest turning car in our lineup. As the automotive retail market continues to improve, we believe we’re in an excellent position. In addition to the four new models we have already introduced this year, we’ll benefit from the biggest influx of new and updated products in our history during 2012.”

Sales of Toyota Division

  • Total sales of passenger cars for November 2011 was 66,108 units which showed an increase of 14.7% from sales results of November 2010.
  • Monthly sales of Camry Hybrid, Corolla and Prius Gas Electric Hybrid were 23,440 units, 16,115 units and 15,208 units respectively.
  • 52,934 units of Light Trucks were sold which showed sales decline of 9.8%.

Sales of Lexus Division

  • 10,537 units of Lexus Division were sold in November 2011which revealed 10.1% increase.
  • Sales of 4,731units were recorded for ES 350 luxury Sedan in November 2011.
  • 8,921 units were recorded which showed 5.4% decline from November 2010.
  • Combined sales of 7,580units were recorded for RX, RX Hybrid Luxury Utility Vehicles.

Sales of TMS Hybrid Vehicles

  • Hybrid Vehicles achieved a sales record of 19,181 units for November 2011 which revealed increase of 31.1% from last November.
  • 16,260 units of Hybrid Vehicles were sold in November 2011 which reflected increase of 30%.
  • Lexus Division recorded sales of 2,921 Hybrids which showed an increase of 32.8% from November 2010.

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