Top Picks: The Best Models of the Year in 10 Categories

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Top 2010 Cars

The latest competition of cars in the international auto markets is getting hotter because all of the automakers have launched their flagships for the international markets and these models have made the environment much more severe. A recent calculation has been made regarding the best models of the year in different categories like Sports cars, family Sedan, SUV and others and the final decision has been made by comparing a huge number of different models developed by different companies. It has also been noticed that the cars which have won this year are too much extent different from the models of previous years and this shows the advancement of technology. The cars have been judged on the basis of three main factors; road tests, reliability, and safety, thus the finalized models in 5 of the main categories have been discussed below.

1. Sporty Car

Volkswagen GTI

Price: $27,504

This model has been made freshened for 2010 and this model is actually an advance version of Volkswagen Golf and this sporty version has captured everyone’s eyes because of its capabilities.  This car delivers a very fine agile handling, spirited acceleration and responsive steering just like that a true sports car. The designing of both the exterior and interior looks of this car is just awesome and the fuel economy of this car is also quite well which about 27mpg is really nice.

Photo by woaychee

Photo by woaychee

2. Family Sedan

Nissan Altima

Price: $23,970 to $30,335

This is a really fantastic sedan coming from the Japanese manufacturers Nissan and is told to be the continuation of Nissan Bluebrid line which was started in 1957. This car has remained as the top family sedan for years and this year the capabilities and performance has made it once again the best family sedan of the year.  The latest model is coming with an improved gas mileage and it is also providing standard ESC in all trim lines. The comfort level of this model is quite well and this is the main reason that this car achieved this title another time.

Photo by Jerry Durant Auto Group

Photo by Jerry Durant Auto Group

3. Small Sedan

Hyundai Elantra SE

Price: $18,695

This is another very fantastic small sedan that comes with a really handsome styling and this car has come to be one among the top selected small sedans for the third time. The inside of this car is quite well spacious and fantastically designed in terms of security as well. The overall working of this model is quite smooth and quite, with that the fuel economy of this car is also quite good plus according to the developers it offers plenty of features for money. Thus for the small sized family this car can really prove to be an ideal one that will also be a budget friendly version.

Photo by ArtistOnline

Photo by ArtistOnline

4. Green Car

Toyota Prius

Price: 23,150-$26,950

The trend of hybrid cars has risen very rapidly this year and among those cars this car carries the credit to be the best. For the 2010 model this car carries a redesigned model with some new and fantastic capabilities as well.

Photo by wvgasguy

Photo by wvgasguy

According to the ratings of some expert groups this car is still on the number one which gets 44mpg overall. In addition to these features it is also very smooth to drive and with that it is also very reliable plus spacious as well. the new design has brought a more solid feel for this model and thus the design and features all are combined to make it the number one car.

5. Family SUV

Chevrolet Traverse

Price: $39,920

Among the SUV the Chevrolet Traverse as got the status of being the best of year because of its performance, reliability and styling. It comes out with a very impressive overall package with a smooth and quite drive, spacious interiors that can seat up to 8 adults and also leaves room for cargo as well. The handling and steering of this model is quite well responsive with a 16mpg overall.

Photo by West Herr Chevrolet Orchard Park

Photo by West Herr Chevrolet Orchard Park

These were some of the models of cars which have earned the top position in their own categories and as discussed above, the positions have been decided on the basis of comparing reliability, performance and security.

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