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It seems as though most people think MPVs are for those who have completely given up with life, but actually, they’re completely wrong. Just because you have children, doesn’t mean that you have to find a car that is merely bearable to travel in, or one that has literally no style and excitement – these top five MPVs prove that you can travel in style and enjoy it, even with your family!

5.Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

If you minus the rather costly price tag, the Zafira Tourer is an extremely capable and classy Multi-Purpose Vehicle both inside and out – it’s hardly surprising given that it belongs to Vauxhall, though. Of course, the original Zafar MPV offers the same sort of family feel, but it’s no match for its rival anymore. Yes, the Zafira Tourer is fitted with a fantastic range of modern automotive technology for the front passengers, but there’s more to this brilliant MPV than what meets the eye – this is where it gets much, much better! Like many other Multi-Purpose Vehicles, the Zafira Tourer is quite generously spaced inside, allowing more than enough room for even the rear passengers to feel as though they’re enjoying the drive instead of feeling cramped between two sides. But, that’s not all as there’s also the option of lounge seating for rear passengers including armrests to make them feel relaxed – still, it’s not considered to be the top MPV of all time.

4.Peugeot 5008

Capable of effortless performance, durable and generously spaced inside: Here we have the Peugeot 5008 Multi-Purpose Vehicle and its well-deserved 5th place title on the list of the top five MPVs on the market. On the inside, the dash is fitted with two configurable screens – one for the driver and the other just for navigation and entertainment, of course! You can probably guess what the best feature of the Peugeot 5008 is – but if not, here it is in writing, right in front of you – the fascinating row of buttons and the pair of air vents under the main infotainment screen are what makes the 5008 a brilliant MPV, even when the temperatures are all over the place.

3.Volkswagen Sharan

Now, you could probably agree that the Volkswagen Sharan used to be, and still is considered to be a fantastic Multi-Purpose Vehicle that is great for traveling with the family – it has more than enough space, even without the folding seats and the additional two seats where the boot should usually be. It almost makes you wonder why many vehicle manufacturers don’t offer the same features in the current range of MPVs, doesn’t it? Well, they actually do still offer adjustable features to a certain extent, but not in the same quantity as they have with the Sharan, which is quite disappointing – it just goes to show why the Volkswagen Sharan is still considered to be the 3rd best Multi-Purpose Vehicle on the market, though.

2.Seat Alhambra

Perhaps the Seat Alhambra is considered to be one of the top five Multi-Purpose Vehicles because of the number of relatively modern automotive devices, such as the touch navigation screen in clear view on the dashboard – or perhaps the Alhambra is increasingly popular with larger families because of the inexpensive price tag that proves it to be excellent value for money. Nonetheless, the small price tag isn’t the only reason behind what has caused the Alhambra to win the 2nd place title on the list of the top five MPVs – it’s quite capable of seating seven passengers, as well as ensuring that you are comfortable and have enough space so that you enjoy the drive.

1.Ford S-Max Titanium

It’s evident that, especially having been produced by Ford, the S-Max Titanium has won the leading title of 1st place on the list of the top five MPVs – purely because of the satisfying level of comfort, and number of clever gadgets that almost every driver desires in their family sized and fun-filled Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Comfort it practically the main and most important feature that every driver looks for in a vehicle, no matter what the brand may be, and Ford has produced a practical, intelligent and durable Multi-Purpose Vehicle that is capable of offering a merely faultless level of comfort – for a family Multi-Purpose Vehicle, that is of course. Available at most dealers at a great price, there is no doubt its the best MPV on the market.

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