Top 10 Tips to Do Worry- Free Car Shopping

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Buying a car is not easy and when it comes to buying a new and reasonably priced car, one is always worried whether he or she has made a deal good enough. There are different model of cars in the markets, also there are diverse body styles and trims and they are sold at varied prices and quotes. Car dealers are just doing their business. It’s up to you how cleverly you grab a good car out of their showroom and at a good price. If you succeed in getting a good car, then you can definitely brag about it and recommend it to your friends. Here are our top 10 tips to buy a new car without any worries.

1. Research for the car without showing your intentions

The fist tip is to research the car without showing your intentions to the dealer. Don’t give any signs that you want to buy a particular branded car. Just wander around and casually look in the showroom for the car, showing that you are just visiting the showroom to spend your leisure time. However, once you have reached home you can do some serious research about the car which you liked the most while researching.

2. Discover the actual price of the car

The car dealer is at the advantage every time because he is in business. So be careful, and try to discover the actual price i-e invoice price of the car. Check how much the dealer has actually paid for the car. Don’t just get the sticker price or base price but get the invoice price that includes all the options you want. Also the price includes dealer markup too. So, don’t forget to include it in the actual price

3. Check the online prices also

Once, you have searched the actual price; do make sure to check the online prices also. With plenty of auto site now it is not so difficult. Also many dealers have their own websites that will get a quote for you within two to three days.

4. Do all the necessary Paperwork

Paper work for any purchase is necessary and when it comes to buying a car it becomes more important as you are going to spend a considerable amount of money from your pocket. Take a print out of the invoice price with all options of your favorite car model. Subtract the manufacturer incentives and rebates that apply to the car from the invoice price. If you plan to finance the car, do credit score research. If you don’t have enough money and are planning to take a loan then look for the best deals in the banks and local credit unions. Once you have done the necessary paper work then, go to the dealer for the actual buying of the car.

5. Leasing is a bad initiative

Leasing is a bad initiative and don’t try to step into it as it only profits the dealer and you remain empty handed in the end. All the time you are paying for the vehicle and once the term expires you have to return the vehicle to the car dealership without showing anything of yours years of payments.

6. Set the Price First

Set the price of the car first once you are buying a car from the dealer. Don’t negotiate about trade-ins or financing. The dealer is not giving you a special treatment if he is selling the car with $1,000 below the market value of your trade-in. Try to get the best possible price.

7. Take a Test Drive

Test Drive is a must but pay attention to the details of the vehicle and don’t excite and engage yourself only in driving. Inspect the car fully and don’t show your anticipation if you have chosen the vehicle as the dealer will try to charge the higher price.\

8. Ensure all the Payment modes are correct

When paying for the car, ensure all the payment modes are correct and documents are real and valid. Read the contract carefully. The payments may include sales tax, a destination charge, title and registration fees, and a documentation fee. There are extra fee charges as well and may include advertising fee and dealer prep fee. Be careful and don’t pay extra for anything when buying a car.

9. Don’t subscribe for the Dealership Services

Don’t make a mistake by subscribing to unnecessary dealer services like window VIN etching, rust-proofing, fabric protection and paint sealant as dealer may extra charge you for these services. You can do window VIN etching by yourself with a kit. You can us spray can and liquid wax to do fabric protection and paint sealant. Moreover, most new cars come with a rust protection from the factory.

10. Always be prepared to walk away

When you are making a deal with a car dealer always be prepare to walk right away from the door if you are not getting a good deal, because after all it is a huge sum of money that you are going to spend on the car and you don’t want to take any risks at all.

So, enjoy worry free car shopping with our top 10 tips and save your day.

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