The Top 5 Most Likely To Be Stolen Luxurious Cars

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Stolen Luxurious Cars

According to an estimate of National Insurance crime Bureau a car in stolen in US every 25.5 second, this estimate has been given about 3 years ago and now the rate has been reduced but still this crime is vanished at all, not up to that height but a bit less than that but car theft still exist as a costliest property crime. The luxury cars are one of the chief targets of all the thieves and the reason is no doubt their capabilities, style and comfort. Some of the most likely to be stolen cars have been discussed in this article so let’s have a look.

1. BMW 7-Series

Theft loss rate: 431 ($78,900)

BMW has always been one of the chief targets of thieves at any time and among the most favorites is the BMW 7-series which carries a lineup of dashing and capable models that have always caught the eyes of not only the customers but also the thieves. This line up of full sized luxury vehicles has always remain true to its characteristics and it is the flagship of BMW cars which gets updated after some years and every new model beats the records of earlier ones in not only luxury and style but also in performance features. The 2010 model of this series is a bit longer than the earlier models and it that the power and speed is also made enhanced with the new twin turbocharged V8 engine.

Photo by Jimmy Cappaert

Photo by Jimmy Cappaert

2. Cadillac Escalade EXT

Theft loss rate: 1,728 ($55,045)

This is a very fantastic luxury pick-up truck with increased cargo space and the features are those which you might expect from a Cadillac car. The style and space of this car is the major attraction for not only the luxury loving customers but also for the thieves. This model also gets enhancements after some years and the company’s main focus behind every new development of its model remains similar which is provide luxury with power and unmatchable comfort.

Photo by Digicoffee

Photo by Digicoffee

3. Lincoln Navigator

Theft loss rate: 351 ($46,575)

This is another very dashing full-sized luxury SUV built by the Ford motor for its luxury division. The series was started at the end of 1997 and the development is continued still now and the 2010 model is the latest contributor of success for this range. The unique styling and different interiors plus enhanced capabilities of these models make them different from that of the other vehicles developed by Ford motors.

Photo by Jay_W_19

Photo by Jay_W_19

4. Land Rover Range Rover SUV

Theft loss rate: 351 ($77,250)

Another SUV in the list of most stolen cars shows that SUVs are the most favorite among the vehicles which attract thieves towards them. Land Rover is another very luxurious 4×4 SUV which is now day’s part of Jaguar Land Rover business owned by TATA Motors of India. This brand is claimed to be the most iconic brands of the SUV market with the possible exception of Jeep.  The styling of this SUV has been done to provide more luxury and comfort for driving and the spacious cabin ensures area for bringing on luxury with comfort. The latest models have become symbols of power and performance and this is the main reason this SUV attracts people of all the types, the customers as well as thieves.

5. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Theft loss rate: 227 ($86,535)

Mercedes has always remained a status symbol for the luxury lovers and the models brought by this brand truly come up to the expectations. The S-series is one of series offered by Mercedes which contains a huge line up of largest sedans which started in the mid 1950s and still today the development is continued bringing more comfort and style in the life of the luxury lovers. The latest models are also enhanced with the improved gas mileage and energy consumption that brings the facility for storing resources along with the dashing luxurious style and really awesome performance.

Photo by Mercedes Benz of Austin Texas

Photo by Mercedes Benz of Austin Texas

These were some of the luxury models which are most likely to be stolen because of their high class capabilities and the out-class style and luxury. The reasons for their increased stolen rates might be the weak security factors but overall what anyone can guess is the comfort and spaciousness of these models.

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