The Top 5 Eco Friendly Cars For 2010

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Eco Friendly Cars

The too much advent of globalization though is drastic for the whole world but it has taught us a word ‘Eco friendly’ which is nowadays considered to be the chief feature of every new developed device or electronic. The auto industry of the world has also heard the echo of this term from the past few years and here the eco friendly cars have become the chief objective of every auto making company of the world.

The eco friendly cars or green cars have also become the main focus of customers as now the gas prices are touching the skies and also some sort of subsidy is available for the green cars. The latest green cars that have been showed up for the year 2010 are not only fuel efficient but they are also awesome in their styling and luxury that they carry for the people sitting in them. Let me show you 5 grand models of eco friendly cars that not only brings luxury to your life but also sits right at your pocket as being contained in the category of green cars.

1. Ford Escape Hybrid

This is the only SUV style eco friendly car that has been announced for 2010 and it has also got the capabilities to be proved as the best family friendly green car of the year. It is actually a gasoline powered electric car that can give the mileage of 34 in the city and it’s even more on the highways and open roads. This good mileage of this car makes it a well desired fuel efficient SUV of the year and with that the 240 HP V6 engine gives it quite much power to prove itself the best sporty car. Apart from these technicalities the style and luxury of the car is also awe-inspiring, the spacious interiors and the advance safety procedures brings more luxury to this model of hybrid SUV.

Photo by Dahl Ford Davenport IA

Photo by Dahl Ford Davenport IA

2. Honda Insight

This is another amazing model of the hybrid electric vehicle that is manufactured by Honda, the most amazing this about this model is it’s out-class styling and according to the company the internal components of this car have been made a bit smaller in order to ensure more cabin and cargo space. This car carries an integrated motor assist hybrid system that contains a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine and it provides you the horsepower of 88 and 88lb-ft of torque. The car has also an intelligent regenerative braking system that makes the electric motor to act as a generator from the car’s momentum to recharge its battery.

Photo by Justin Kane

Photo by Justin Kane

3. Honda Civic Hybrid

This is another amazing hybrid model coming from the platform of Honda Civic; the lineup of Honda civic has always remained as a favorite one of most of the people and the hybrid model has made people quite crazy about it. The hybrid version was introduced in 2001 and it gives you the estimated 45mpg on the highway and that is quite enough to make it a perfectly fuel efficient car. Now comes the styling, the exterior is one of the highly stylish body with fine cuts that gives it quite a well distinctive look. Along with that the internal are also made very out-class with a leather trim and the fuel friendly reminder.

Photo by Picture hunter

Photo by Picture hunter

4. Nissan Leaf

This is one of the cutest eco friendly models released by Nissan that comes with a 5 door compact model, though this model can’t arrive in the market until the end of this year still the announcements of company for this model has received a great round of applause from the international markets. The zero tailpipe emission of this car makes it quit much eco friendly and it is 100% electric and no gasoline is required. The most exciting thing about the car is its range of 100 miles after first recharge and also its gives the maximum speed of 90mph. The features which add up to the beauty of exteriors includes:  LED headlights, dual power outside mirrors, cover and rear diffuser and palm shift driver selector and many others.

Photo by karyodimejo2010

Photo by karyodimejo2010

5. Ford Fusion Hybrid

This is another model of the gasoline electric hybrid powered car released from the platform of Ford and it gives you the high class fuel efficiency without making too much performance sacrifice. The model is powered by 3.0 L Duratec V6 engines which makes its capable to reach 47 MPH in the EV mode and also gives the horsepower of 191. The fusion comes with a base price of $27,270 which is quite easily affordable for majority of customers who want to have a new family sedan with a space for 5 people.

Photo by Zane Merva -

Photo by Zane Merva –

So these were some of the latest eco-friendly models for the year 2010 which are not only fuel efficient and green in their capabilities but also ultimately luxurious and stylish.

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