The Taking over of Brawn GP by Mercedes

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This Monday Mercedes the world’s best automobile company is rebranding Brawn GP and rebranding its Mercedes Grand Prix of 2010. This deal will make the Brawn’s name disappeared after a single season. But it is still queries that will Jenson Button gets a chance with this new team or not. The Mercedes will invest 75% stake in the brawns team with Daimler holding 45.1% of the shares and Aabar about 30 percent.

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Due to this deal Mercedes will now sell its shares in McLaren back to its group, with a deal that is expected to be completed by 2011. According to the CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dr Dieter Zetsche “This brand looks for competition of the utmost quality in all relevant fields in order to continually improve its performance in the face of such new challenges”.

Team Principal Ross Brawn is expected to remain in his role, but the future of his drivers is more uncertain. Many rumors are spreading for the drivers but now it’s only the Mercedes which will decide about the drivers. The news regarding the deal are prevailing at quite a fast rate but now we have to see if this deal becomes a hit for both companies or not.

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