The Iconic Mustang Sees 45th Birthday

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Iconic MustangGrace, awe and extreme stylishness these were some prominent features of the Ford Mustang when it was launched nearly 45 years back today. There are only few cars which have won so much love and popularity from their quite a humble beginning.

The iconic Mustang soon became an overnight sensation just after its launch, Ford was estimating a normal 100,000 sales, but it was quite astonishing for them when they received 22,000 orders on the very first day after its launch and later this year it touched the inspiring figures of 417,000.  Then the time came when it touched 9million figure that was surprising for everyone.

With the passage of time it became a cultural icon rather than a car and being presented in a considerable number of movies and songs and pony-car enthusiasts daydreamed about it.

And in 1964 when it was released in the US, these were Big 3 of Detroit that seemed at the top and its somewhat risky European design was praised in almost every corner of the world.   It grew even more powerful in the coming days when muscle-car and pony-car were horning with each other especially the Shelby and Boss versions brought a lot of laurels for it.

Then it was in 1990s when the Mustang began to emerge as a real power once again with its cheap fuel prices.

Now it’s another generation is being launched direct into the teeth of another recession and this time with lots affordable option and a buff design.

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