The Hybrid Luxury: The Goods And Bads

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Hybrid Luxury

This year when the global earth day was being celebrated throughout the world, a thing that I noticed in almost every part of globe was the fous on hybrid cars. Every person who asked that how can he put a positive impact on the enviornment, the answer or a part of the answer was to buy a hybrid car.

The Hybrid technology is a greatly appreciated technology of the world nowadays and a good thing is that it is acquiring the normal model of cars to the luxury giants. Heres lets discuss how much or infact what kind of goodness or badness the hybrid technology has brought in new luxury models. First I want to discuss those luxury models that have proven themselves in the hybrid industry and then I’ll try to cover those models that have failed to come up to expectations.

The Good Ones:

Mercedes S400

Mercedes is one of those names that had been associated with luxury when in was quite young and a good thing is that the company has adorned its name by the time. When I heard for the first time that Mercedes is jumping into the hybrid technology, my feelings were not very extravagant but after seeing this model, I was of this point that Yes! This should be the class. The S400 is the world’s first mass production car with lithium ion battery. The 3.5 liter-V6 engine with electric assist gives this car such a nice performance that has almost doubled the goodness and comfort of luxury car.

2. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Just like I have said above that seeing a hybrid model with some fascinating luxury really comes out as a fabulous feeling. The Fusion Hybrid is one of the most dashing and luxurious hybrid models of the auto industry that is powered by gasoline-electric engine. With nice records of mileage and power consumption, this model has beautifully came up to the people’s as well as the developer’s expectations. The ride and handling of this car is reported to be truly awesome and along with that the fuel economy and performance are also stunning. For this new development from Ford’s side I would just say that this is something which one can idealize for his/her future car.

3. Lexus RX 450h

For the classy hybrid models Lexus has also brought a very strong contender, the RX 450h is a great step of company towards the luxury in Hybrid SUV. From the external looks this model is really out-class and more goodness gets added to it becuaes of the performance of this hybrid model. This car uses specialized ECO mode which utilizes various systems to consume less energy. Another good thing about this model is that the price is not as high as majority of us expects from a luxury model. The handling and performance of this SUV is very smooth and niceand for a spacious luxury car lover, this could be the best choice as it has beautifully utilized the goodnesses of hybrid cars.

The Ones With Limatations:

1. BMW X6 Hybrid

I really don’t enjoy discussing one of the BMW’s model in this heading but some of the limitations of this new hybrid model of BMW has forced me to state it here. BMW has tried to implemetent the exciting new active hybrid technology in this model but I think they have overestimated its cost, as compared with its competitors this model is a bit costly and also muscular. The fuel economy of this model is unforunately not up to the mark and the main reason for this is the extra weight that is considered to be the fuel econmy killer.

2. Chevrolet Volt

This is another model which doesn’t deserves to be included in this section but just like BMW, the over estimation of cost of this car has become a major limitation of this car. When considered for the performance and fuel economy of Volt, there is no doubt that this is one among the top hybrid models of the world. For the style and design this one really deserves 10/10 but a lofty price tag keeps most of people away from this luxury model. The power consumption and fuel consumption of this car is really an ideal one and if the company become a bit linent towards the price tag then it can become a ruler of industry.

3. Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Here the limitation is not the different one from the previous two model, the lofty price tag. In terms of the luxury hybrid SUV this model really deserves a 10/10 but for the price, the company really needs to work. The Esclade Hybrid is a giant sized luxury model from Cadiallac which offeres nice fuel economy and power consumption. The price tag of $73,000 is really a distraction of this car which makes the customer moves away from this model towards some affordable ones.  Apart from price the models is really nice in its handling and performance.

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