The France and Italy Car Show 2009

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Car Show 2009

The France and Italy car show is one of the top car shows of the world with cars from all the eras and styles. This was the 14th time when this show is being held on November 02, 2009 at Woodley Park. Compared to the last year when the rain has affected the show; this time the atmosphere was warm and sunny and it was a very clear day. Last year 330 cars were included in the show and this year the count has risen to 400.

 sPhoto by jeremy!

The main source excitement in the show were the cars from the early 90’s as peoples were not very interested in the cars like Benz or Ferrari which they use to see daily on the roads. A beautiful 1924’s Lancia Lambda was showed up, one of the earliest cars to have a monocoque construction and independent front suspension. The hood was open and the machined (not cast) narrow-angle V4 was right there. A participant Claudio Zampolli was parking his V16-powered Cizeta. He popped the hood, and a crowd gathered.

The 16 cylinders were arranged in a V, mounted transversely amidships and driving the rear wheels. There were Renault Dauphines, Alfa Giuliettas and Fiat 500s. There were two Tatras, one a beautiful black and one a hideous and contorted blue/white disaster. It was one of the few places where we could see these cars, amid calendars crammed with rod and custom cruise-ins.

This show was absolutely rocking and people showed up deep interest in the cars. Many people who don’t have the cars went with a new car with a very good price and fit condition.

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