The Bugatti Vision GT: From Video Games to Reality

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The Bugatti Vision GT is an extraordinary transformation of a digital video game concept to a stunningly beautiful super sports car. Unveiled at the 66th International Motor Show, it marks the end of the Bugatti Veyron era and strengthens the company’s future as a leader in manufacturing luxury sports cars.

The project was collaboration between Bugatti and the PlayStation video game franchise Gran Turismo, making the highly exclusive brand popular with the gaming market segment, which is demographically consistent with sports car fans. The PlayStation GT franchise was launched in 1997 and since then sales have reached over 70 million units.

Although the Bugatti Veyron series production was limited to 450 cars, the company’s fame has no such limits. Bugatti is renowned for its elitist perception, visionary designs and powerful performance cars. Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles claims that the project is dedicated to Bugatti fans all over the world regardless of whether they own a real one or engage with the video game version.


Bugatti started building Vision Grand Turismo in April, and employed the quad turbo 8.0 litre W16 engine that should reach to 400 km/hour easily.


There is a roof panel which allows for emergency exit in case of a crash and the fuel filler cap has a separate rivet for each cylinder. As a special touch, there is a plaque on the door signed by Kazunori Yamauchi, the brains behind the GT video games.


The interior is a mix of luxury and racing-inspired provisions. Two curved screens – one on the wheel and one behind it- act as a console for real time feeds from 3 exterior cameras. The high center console has been fitted with flip switches to make it easy to handle with racing gloves.


The Vision GT’s design inspiration is a reflection of the brand’s success in the racing world during the 1920s and 1930s – the most famous example being that of the Type 35 boasting over 2000 victories in that era. The blue two-tone finish of the Vision GT is in honour of the Type 57 G Tank – known as the champion of the 1937 Le Mans races and responsible for the Bugatti brand color.

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