The BMW i3 Enlist its name on those EVs uses Combo Charging inlets for Charging

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Good news for all the electric car lovers is, the BMW i3 made its entry in the list of those EVs that are getting charged from Combo Charging stations that charges the car within 30 seconds. This is a new charging option for the BMW i3 drivers and now they can charge their cars from a 110 Volt outlet via Cord set, from a 220 volt charging wallbox and now from a DC fast public charging stations within a short time. The first ever public charging station uses an SAE Combo charging system is located in Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, CA.

The BMW North America,Manager Connected eMobility, Mr. Cliff Fietzek said, “The start of the public DC Combo Fast Charging Infrastructure installations in the US is a great base for the US launch of the new BMW i3, because it will offer our customers the ability to recharge their EV in less than 30 minutes instead of the three hours needed with conventional 220 volt public charging stations.”

The fast Combo charging system is a joint venture of the EV and OEMs and is tested by General Motors and BMW in different regions including Germany, Michigan, Munich and Warren. The standards of the fast Combo Charge connector are adopted by some big names including Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors, Audi, Ford, Daimler and Chrysler. The US enthusiasts will be able to access the DC fast charging option equipped BMW i3 from the second half of the 2014.

BMW i3

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