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Overhead Shot of New Jaguar XJ Released

April 21, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

The new sedan Jaguar XJ will be in front of our eyes by this summer. The nearer its launch date is coming; the more everyone is becoming impatient. To add to this eagerness, Jaguar has released an overhead snapshot of the redesigned upcoming sedan. This photo has been taken from above the car, to highlight its scenic glass roof. This forthcoming stylish car has been reengineered regarding its framework; thus it is going to be very different from the current XJ that has an aluminum chassis. The exterior design is anticipated to be more like that of the XF sedan. Though the interior is going to be uniquely planned; there will be some resemblance with the current XF’s interior side. Most of the hardware will also be refurbished, as there will be additional brackets for holding up new front and back sub frames. This is the similar arrangement that helped in sharpening the management of XK. Wheelbase will remain same as of the current XJ, and there will be no difference in the size, too. Nevertheless, there have been used intelligent and genius packaging and casing tricks, which will help making the car more spacious than before, specifically the rear […]