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5 Best Cars for City Driving

April 06, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

City Driving Urban driving is considered to be quite more difficult as compared to the open road driving because during the inner city driving you’ll face a dense jungle of cars, restrictive parking situations, too many signals, pedestrians and many other factors. It has been seen that the cars which gives marvelous open road performance, becomes quite miserable in the city driving. So while keeping in mind the urban city driving, many cars’ developers have developed some really amazing models for the inner city driving. Among the different models of cars the best suitable cars for urban driving are analyzed on the basis of features like parking sensors, backup camera, performance, ride quality, cabin comfort and others. 1. Honda Insight This is a very amazing hybrid electric vehicle manufactured by Honda motors and its first generation was developed from 1999 to 2006. This car is thought to be providing the customers with a new level of comfort and affordability along with a performance that is really fun to drive. The performance of this car has been found to be awesome even in the worst stop and go traffic condition. It gives you well ride comfort even at the low speed […]