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The Top 5 Most Stolen Cars Of 2009

February 19, 2010 / by / 2 Comments

Stolen Cars As we have been seeing that the auto industry is advancing at a very fast rate and every new day brings the news of one new and fantastic model coming from some company’ side, this advancement has created a very severe competition in the international auto industry and each company is trying to bring maximum amount of its model in the market to get a hold of it. An unfortunate factor is that the rate of stealing of cars along the world has also prevailing consistently though some countries have become successful in reducing the rate of car theft but still there are many countries which are facing this problem at a great rate. There are organizations working in many countries of the world which tracks the ratio of models stolen every year in their country and it has reported that the types of cars being stolen remain same for many years and in this article there are top 5 models given which have the maximum rate of being stolen in the world and this record has been provided by the agencies working in some of the main countries like US, Canada and others. 1. Honda Civic This […]