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The Top 5 Most Likely To Be Stolen Luxurious Cars

March 22, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Stolen Luxurious Cars According to an estimate of National Insurance crime Bureau a car in stolen in US every 25.5 second, this estimate has been given about 3 years ago and now the rate has been reduced but still this crime is vanished at all, not up to that height but a bit less than that but car theft still exist as a costliest property crime. The luxury cars are one of the chief targets of all the thieves and the reason is no doubt their capabilities, style and comfort. Some of the most likely to be stolen cars have been discussed in this article so let’s have a look. 1. BMW 7-Series Theft loss rate: 431 ($78,900) BMW has always been one of the chief targets of thieves at any time and among the most favorites is the BMW 7-series which carries a lineup of dashing and capable models that have always caught the eyes of not only the customers but also the thieves. This line up of full sized luxury vehicles has always remain true to its characteristics and it is the flagship of BMW cars which gets updated after some years and every new model beats the […]