The Volvo S80 D5 SE

September 07, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

The new Volvo is coming out to be a rival to the BMW 5 Series. There are the Audi 6 and the Mercedes E-Class which are going to bring in a lot of changes for the Volvo and the way it gets marketed to the wider buyer. The current Volvo model, S80 D5 SE has a 4-door saloon with 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine that work like twin turbo diesel, working for it. It has a transmission of six-speed manual as well as the front wheel drive. It is going to be a likely candidate for the large salon market but whether or not this car is for you, is left to you to find out. Though not exactly mainstream this car comes along with some fierce rivals. The Ford Mondeo and cars like the Vauxhall Insignia are the kinds to be reckoned with in case this Volvo. The Volkswagen Passat is one of the premium cars that come here as a competitor against the current car. Overall the BMW 5 Series, new Mercedes E-Class as well as the JaguarXF are some of the cars of choice that can be seen as direct rivals to the current Volvo.