Volkswagen Polo (2009 onwards): Review

November 09, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

Volkswagen Polo With 11 million sold over the last 34 years, the Volkswagen Polo supermini has undoubtedly been a huge success. But in the process it has earned a reputation for being safe, sturdy and dull. That’s why VW’s designers have been given free reign to rid the Polo of its blandness, taking inspiration from the Scirocco coupe rather than the Golf. And it’s paid off: the new Polo looks sharp and classy. It’s a clever way to style up a car: the headlights are fussier, with a smoky black lining, and stretch around the bonnet to instill a sense of speed to the face of the car, while the back remains practically a blank canvas, two tail-lights sitting in a sheet of bodywork. The Polo doesn’t have the character of a tiny econobox; it’s quiet and comfortable enough to let you survive a long journey. The chassis is responsive and has a sophisticated feel. The 5th generation of the little Volkswagen Polo seems to have reworked pretty much all of its previous downsides, all with a cleaner design package and somewhat smaller prices than its predecessors. We took an orange/red model in 1.6 TDI-guise to the test to see […]