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Mazda Diesels Coming In 2012

April 06, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Mazda 6 Diesels The New York auto show proves to be very exciting one for the Mazda fans because at this occasion the company announced one of the most exciting Sky-D direct injection diesel engines to be coming to the US markets in 2012. The engines will be powering the Mazda 6 that will be producing a mid-size hybrid MPG. We can say that this is Mazda’s recent efforts for the development of fuel efficient powerful engines along with the innovative internal combustion powertrain technologies. The announcement mainly includes two engines and advance automatic transmissions that were introduced in the last year and that shows really amazing fuel savings. This next generation gasoline engine will thus be a core powertrain in the future Mazda vehicles and you can expect the class in performance and capabilities which those vehicles will bring along with them. While discussing about these plans Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi said that he is well aware of the fact that Diesels are not the hot commodity in states but “There are opportunities to explore” he said. According to the company before the diesels, the lineup of direct-injection gasoline engine called Sky G will be brought to the American […]