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GM on Leasing with Luxury Vehicles

July 31, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

GM is about to lease on luxury vehicles with GM as a basis to leasing out the business focus on luxury and fancy basis. The Vice President of General Motors, Bob Lutz, said that they were going back to leasing out in a massive scale. They are going to lease to drive the volume up as without that, it is non-profitable. Lutz has said that the lower profit is going to make a higher amount of sale and overall keep the business revolving faster. In a way GM does not lease out luxury vehicles that regularly. But now things are going to be changed in a variety of ways. According to Lease Trader demands for leased cars are higher in many ways. The Cadillac Escalade is, for instance, up by 22% and as the market is escalating back there would be many ways to free up the economy. It would be logical to back up in proportion than to compete in the market.