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A New Hybrid Race Car Revealed By Porsche

February 12, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

911 GT3 R Hybrid As we know the trends of each industry are changing the auto making industry is also moving towards the hybrid cars. The eco-friendly trend is greatly prevailed in the international auto markets and almost every auto developing company has shifted their interests towards the hybrid cars. The new news regarding this matter is that Porsche s going to bring a new hybrid racing car the ‘911 GT3 R Hybrid’ which is expected to be revealed for the first time at Geneva auto show in March. According to the company’s claim they are planning for the stripped-out race car to act as rolling laboratory. With the release of this car the company is actually claiming to have some really high class future cars based on the same principle of producing hybrid cars. According to the new plan for this car the flywheel will be placed in the car on the place that is reserved for passenger seat and this will be used in place of battery to provide electrical energy which will make it capable of operating at speed of 40,000rpms. The idea really sounds good but for the more clear demonstration of this plan we have […]