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The Top 5 Fuel Efficient SUVs Of 2010

April 27, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Fuel Efficient SUVs Sports utility vehicle (SUV) is one of the most popular types of vehicle among a huge mass of people and the reason is surely the space and capabilities of this vehicle. An SUV typically carries seating for 5 to seven people, a high road positioning and spacious interiors that provides ultimate comfort throughout your journey. Almost every big auto developing company has brought some remarkable models of SUVs for the international auto markets and these models have made the internal competition for SUV quite hot. The SUV were earlier considered as the very pricy ones that are out of range for many people of the world, this fact is still true to some extent nowadays but some affordable models for SUV have also came from many auto developers that can come up to the mark of many people because of being fuel efficient and affordable. In this article the 5 SUVs of 2010 have been discussed and these are quite equal to the mark of affordable SUVs of this New Year. 1. Honda CR-V 2WD This is one of the most exciting new models of SUV coming from the platform of Honda; the design has been so […]