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2012 Ford Fiesta-A Review

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Ford never disappoints its customers and every time it introduces new and state-of-the-art vehicle with performance oriented features. 2012 Ford Fiesta is practical example of its creativity and excellence. Let’s have a detailed look of its features and specifications; Available Trim Levels Following 3 Trim levels for 2012 Ford Fiesta Sedan S SE SEL Two Trims are available for Hatchback i.e. SE and SES Engine 2012 Fiesta is equipped with latest 1.6L 4-Cylinder engine that produces 120 hp and torque of 112 lb-ft. Engine of this car is highly performance oriented and it will help customers to achieve appreciable fuel economical ratings. 5 speed manual transmission is available as standard feature and people who need extra fuel economical cars can mate this engine to 6 speed automatic transmission. This 4-cylinder engine is improved with the addition of Ti-VCT and this ground-breaking feature makes this car more powerful with improved fuel economy. Exterior Exterior of 2012 Ford Fiesta is very catchy; you will find it equally appealing like any other state-of-the-car equipped with high-tech features. All new 2012 Fiesta models features incorporated spotter mirror in side view mirrors, driver’s visibility in probable blind spots is improved by side door mirrors. Prominent […]