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Facts about Free Car Maintenance

January 26, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

Any thing free or without cost is pleasing to everyone’s ears and when it comes to buying an expensive luxury items like a car with free maintenance it seems a great incentive by the auto companies. But what is true about these free car maintenance programs, whether car shoppers get benefit from them or not. Different deals are offered by auto companies. Some car manufacturers even don’t change your tire free, how some offer free oil change. If you have any plans of buying a new car and don’t know anything about no-cost maintenance, then do take a look at some of the facts we have compiled for you. How it all started?? The rising trend of rebated vehicles probably gave birth to maintenance-based marketing of autos. Toyota cut its prices for Corolla and Honda gave discount programs on Accord. But these rebates are often offered on higher end vehicles and auto companies like BMW and Jaguar make sure that while offering these no-cost maintenance programs the brand doesn’t get devalued or the auto company doesn’t go in loss. What’s the reality? Different auto brands offer diverse no-cost maintenance programs but details are often kept hidden from the car buyers […]