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Future of F1 Cars

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F1 Cars Formula one commonly known as f1 is the highest class of auto-racing that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the cars that are considered eligible for this championship are not the normal sports cars but they are the specially designed F1 cars that every auto making company tries to build. This championship is based on different set of rules to which all the participants and cars must comply otherwise their eligibility for the race gets cancelled. The F1 championship comprises on a set of races and on the basis of results obtained from them two annual world championships are held one for the racers and one for the constructors. The F1 cars are build on the most exotic and advance technology and the designing for those cars is done exclusively for the F1 championship. A really high speed and acceleration is required for the F1 racing and to get these factors the engineers and designers put in the best component, engines and body material, normally very stiff and strong material is used for the construction of these cars which as a result gives ultimate results. Mostly aluminum alloys are used to for making engine […]