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Tips for the Break-in Period of Your Automobile

March 30, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

Here are few car care tips in order to keep your car in excellent condition and also extend the life of your car. Always remember these important points: Break-in periods require some strict driving style and a fixed number of miles. However, there are few engines that have no break-in at all. Always refer to the information provided in your owner’s manual. Generally in the break-in period, the first 1000 miles (or 1600 km), you should keep your speed below 55 mph or 88 kpm unless otherwise as specified by the manufacturer of your car. You should avert any bulky loads over the drive train, for example the towing trailers, or any trunk with a very heavy materials in it. Don’t let your brand new car to go idle for longer periods of time. It is beneficial for longer life of your car and particularly during the time of the break-in.