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The 5 Worst Concept Cars Of 2009

March 31, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

2009 Concept Cars You might be well aware of the best concept models o the previous year because they received a true honor from the customers as well as the auto markets but among those champions there were also some unfortunate models as well who failed to get a good response and behind some of those models this reason can be given that their developers individually released those models without waiting for any big event. We must accept this fact that not all of the concepts cars come to be the showstoppers and sometimes the concepts crashes to the ground instead o getting the great heights. In this article 5 worst concept cars of the previous year have been discussed so lets have a look. 1. Mercedes-Benz Vision GLK This is one of the latest concepts of SUV by Mercedes and almost everyone belonging to the auto market is surprised to see the concept, why the company brought another SUV concept while they were ahead after launching the GL in anyone’s guess. The style of the model is not very extra ordinary and the big wheels demand the attention of viewer along with being a bit out of place. The […]