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Top 3: best in class city cars

June 17, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

You must be familiar with so many cars but aren’t you just curious to know the best in class cars in the city? Yep. You can know about top three city cars here. 1. Fiat 500 This is the first best in class city car. The model is Fiat 500 1.4 Sport which has a very three door hatchback body style and a 1.4 litre petrol engine and has a 6 speed manual speed. This is the model which is based on the Panda, which is very small in size. Thus the Fist seems to be more triumphant than expected by giving the cars which are really small which makes people to like it very easily. Though this loses two doors and some realism over others it has a very good visual ante. Credit: zcars Fiat has taken much care to introduce with a lot of customization having paid the attention to the marketing f BMW for its new Mini and thus has offered 500 with similar personalization options. It claims around 500000 permutations of options can be made with the Fiat 500 and seems to attract people. All the latest technologies like Bluetooth, MP3 player connectivity, air-con, alloys and […]