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Preparing Your Car for Long Term Storage

March 30, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Long Term Car Storage You are leaving the town for an extended period of time and you are worrying for your pets and other things which you can’t take away with you, one thing which is the even important along with the other things is your car which can get spoiled by remaining unused for that period of time and when you’ll come back a dead rusted car will welcome you back in your home. So before leaving take some time now to prepare your car for that long term storage so that after you trip you get the same car that you love because of its working and performance. In this article some useful tips have been provided to prepare your car for the long term storage and if you love you car then you must have to follow these activities. First of all find a save and sound location where you’ll store you car when you’ll leave, one of the main quality of that location should be that it is dry, clean and secure. A dusty ban will be the worst place to keep your car and if you want to get rid of your car then place […]