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Tips for Car Financing

February 10, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Car Financing Car is one of biggest investment which every individual makes in today’s life and usually paying full price of the car at the time purchase is not possible for most of people and that’s why they try to look for some convenient car financing scheme which helps them in buying a car without paying whole money at a time. Car financing is actually the procedure where those who buy the car actually buy it by getting the payment from some other source like banks and the payment has been made on installments in certain defined period of time. Most of people now days are not very familiar with correct procedures of car financing and they get trapped by some fake dealers and schemes and as a results pays almost double the amount of real cost. For car financing you can go for dealer financing but from the past few year this mode of buying the car has got a very bad reputation because of some dealers who take quite of huge profit by selling the car. Some states have defined standard set of rules for the dealers which don’t let them earn big profit from the purchase. The […]