BMW Announced To Build Electric Cars in Leipzig

February 23, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Electric Car The trend of building electric cars has now changed into the craze of auto developers because everyone has started building up plans for their electric models and almost every other day gives us the news relating to hybrid car coming from some platform. Now come to the latest one revealed on this Monday and that tells that BMW AG will produce its electric car range at its plant in Leipzig, Germany. The other plants at Wackersdorf and Landshut, Germany are also reported to build parts for this exciting and miraculous new electric series. While talking to media the CEO of BMW Norbert Reithofer stated that “The BMW Group will build the car of the future in Leipzig with high-tech innovations from Bavari” for giving further details regarding this decision he said that “the main reasons behind this decision are the qualities that Germany has to offer: we have a tried-and-tested production network here and high levels of education and outstanding competencies at our disposal”. The series which is going to be developed by this plant is expected to be revealed in 2013 and he have to wait till that time in order to see what exactly comes as […]