bmw 730d


A ride in the Long-term BMW 730d

June 22, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

The BMW 730d is out to the market from last January and from then on it has never failed to impress its customers. The car has some cool features combined with a great economy that makes it best in the bunch. Available at just over 57,000 Euros the car is the right choice if you looking for quiet and comfortable drive with great economy. Here is a quick review of the car analyzing its pros and cons. The best of the features of BMW 730d is its economy. No one could expect a car with a power of 245hp at 4000rpm to deliver an economy of about 36mpg. It is indeed great says the satisfied owners of the 730d. The car also does not lag behind when it comes to power and speed. It can accelerate to almost to 62mph in 7.2secs and can strike in a maximum speed of 153mph. The fact that this car can provide a consistent economy of 40mpg even for shorter journeys is what making people to make this car as favorite. The car also has good interiors and adjustable seating that can be tuned to increase or decrease the level of suspension. The voice […]