Honda BF200 and BF225: A Quick Review

November 21, 2009 / by / 0 Comment

The Honda marine is famous of its industry standards for durability, quality and with the most powerful outboard engines.  The two engines the BF200 and BF225 are considered the flag ships of the Honda marine’s lineup. For these two engines we can say that Honda has unleashed the mighty forces with a V6 proven technology, 24 valves and programmed fuel injections. So discover the blasting power of these engines for your nautical activities. On the basis of architecture of the incomparable Honda pilot and odyssey automotive engines these models delivers high class performance with a blasting speed. The BF200 and BF225 both comes with a very unique and sleek design which allows for the mounting of these two engines on a 26 inch center to center distance which is considered perfect for the repower applications. These two models also feature the all new high performance gear case and a longer anti-ventilation plate which helps track water flowing to the propeller to minimize cavitations while an enlarged bullet reduce drag for enhanced acceleration. Another very unique yet fantastic feature in both the engines is the Engine Alert System which monitors vital engine functions and alerts the operator of the emerging issue.