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The Latest Next-Gen Auto Safety Technologies

March 28, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

Auto Safety Technologies The highway fatalities are one of the major problems which every country faces and the major reason for them are the weak auto security systems and careless driving. The auto developing companies have highly considered these issues in the development of their new models and some really awesome next generation auto safety technologies have been brought in front of the whole world. The latest technologies shown are quite well as they can bring some more and effective safety facilities for the drivers by preventing the death rates during accidents. In this article three very great such technologies haves been discussed. 1. Expandable Door Beams This is a very awesome safety feature brought to the world by Mercedes Team; the company’s engineers are bringing this new concept of steel side-impact protection bars in the doors of the cars. To bring a more realistic picture to this concept the engineers have mounted an inflatable metal structure inside the door just like a regular side-impact beam. A high pressure inflator pops the beam out to its size and it is also claimed that the beams are lighter than the conventional ones which ensures better performance at time of emergencies. There […]