2011 302 Mustang


Steve Saleen presents a new Mustang

April 19, 2010 / by / 0 Comment

2011 302 Mustang Steve Saleen has got the fame for remaking mustangs for about 30 years and the company names under which he worked vary from time to time. The SMS supercars which is the name of his company and SMS stands for Steven Mark Saleen has been bringing the re-make version of Mustangs from the past many years and the latest one released recently is the 2011 SMS 302 Mustang that is really awesome. According to Steve normally the 302 V4 makes 440hp and 440lb-ft of torque though the engine calibration changes and a few underpullies. The new model 302Sc is a really good one that has a capability to achieve more than 535hp and 450lb-ft of torque using the potential charger of SMS. The new system is really amazing with new microcooling fans in the intercooler that is mounted on the top of engine feeding a twin screw charger that spins at between  14,000 and 15,000 rpm. Another fantastic model brought by SMS is the SMS 460 Mustang that has got the capability to accelerate from 0-60mph under 4.5 seconds in addition to a better engine output, road handling and improvement of brakes. Both of the new models […]