Small Fuel-efficient Cars Prove Inferior in Safety Tests

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Small Fuel Efficient CarMany affordable and fuel-efficient small vehicles can be your best companions on the messy crowded roads especially in these days of recession. But wait a minute if you are looking to buy one, as insurance industry has found them somewhat inferior if compared to bigger vehicles.

Results of crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that the owners of 2009 Smart fortwo, Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit can become the victim of some serious head and leg injuries in crashes.

According to Adrian Lund, the president of the institute, “People prefer to purchase mini cars for several reasons, as they can afford them and save some valuable greenbacks when it comes to gasoline consumption.

On the other hand, the makers of these smaller vehicles say that the tests were designed to look for high speed crashes that seem to happen quite on an off on the road. They also added that these tests reuse the arguments of the insurers against tighter requirements of fuel efficiency.

There was a considerable increase in the sales of small vehicles when gasoline prices touched $4/ gallon figure during the past year. These small cars are available in the price range of $12,000 to $18,000 that makes them quite affordable for most of people and that’s why there is a significant increase in their demands.

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