Skoda Experiences Rising Figure of Sales

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Skoda one of the very famous automobile companies of Czech Republic which later become the subsidiary of Volkswagen group and due to the latest launches of this company the sale rate has raised to a very huge level.  The year of 2009 was focusing on the supermini cars from Skoda and according to the reports the Sales rate of these cars has been raised up to 45.3% in UK. According to some estimate the Skoda car which was sold in the year 2009 in UK were almost 2,511 which is a very exciting figure.

Photo by conhunter

Photo by conhunter

The supermini car has ruled the international auto-markets in the year 2009 and due to this Skoda has got such a remarkable success in the sale of its supermini cars. This year can be easily considered the best for Skoda because not only in UK but world-wide the sales were up to 55,460 in November which is about 26% more than the sales of 2008. Another country which could be accounted for its sales is China which has alone seen the increase of sales of Skoda cars at about 172.8%. The Future of Skoda cars in also expected to be very bright because of the multi-award winning Skoda Yeti crossover and Skoda Superb Estate so a new record breaking figure can be expected for the next year.

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