Shelby and Ford Come Together for the GT ‘R-Model’

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Shelby and Ford coming together with a Mustang isn’t something surprising, however it has become the norm these days. But at the same time as they do something that they haven’t done in the past forty years, the product is expected to be pretty special with a price tag of almost $100,000.

There was a time in the year 1965 when the Shelby GT 350 was lashed in the tracks across the whole of United States and it made a major statement when Jerry Titus took this race specific Mustang all the way in the SCCA champions trophy. In the present scenario, Ford and Shelby have come together to build up the special edition of the GT ‘R models’ that would be introduced in the market as the Jerry Titus edition. The car would also pay its tribute to the production championship as well as the final year of the current generation in Mustang.


This car will be purposely manufactured for the racing tracks and would have the same 4.6 litre V8 engine that also runs the Ford Shelby and would also be equipped with the Twin Screw super charger. The car also comes along with the side exhaust, massive breaks and the 18 inch wheels that could accommodate the racing tires.


The car won’t be allowed to run on the streets but would be allowed only on the car tracks and there have been a lot of people looking for the right piece to race with and the speed vehicle would be initially priced at $134,995.

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