Sales Report of Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) for June 2011

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Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A, Inc unveiled the sales report of June which revealed that the sales figures of Toyota for June 2011 has declined by 24.1% in contrast to sales of June 2010. Total sales for the month of June reported to be 100,164 units; sales of Lexus division was 10,773 units in June 2011 which is 40.2% less as compare to June 2010 and in term of volume, sales of Lexus division is 37.8% behind the similar period of last year.

Sales of First Half of 2011

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) for the first half of 2011 was 812,788 units and 152 of its vehicles were sold per day in first half in comparison to the sales/day of 151 vehicles in the first half of last year. Senior Vice President of automotive operations of Toyota Motor Sales (U.S.A.) Don Esmond said, ” “We can’t say enough about the remarkable efforts our team members and suppliers have made here in the U.S. and in Japan to restore production.

June marked a significant turning point for Toyota as sales moved up over last month. Toyota dealers now have a good supply of cars and trucks, and that selection is growing everyday. Returning production and new marketing programs will put us in a great position to take advantage of the summer selling season and with an influx of new products slated this year, we’re extremely optimistic about the second half of 2011.”

Sales Report of Toyota Division for June 2011

Sales of passenger cars of Toyota division were recorded as 516,616 units which is 29.4% less as compare to June 2010. Combined sales of Corolla for June were 18,872 units and that of Camry hybrid was 21,375 units and sales of mid size Prius hybrid for June was recorded as 4,340 units.

On the other side, sales of light trucks of Toyota division fell to 11.9% i.e. 48,548 units in contrast to June 2010. Combined sales of Highlander and highlander hybrid was reported as 7,332 units, sales of mid size pick up i.e. Tacoma was 8,131 units and that of full size pickup i.e. Tundra was recorded to be 6,615 units.

Sales Report of Lexus Division for June 2011

Sales of passenger Lexus cars fell to 41.7% this year and compare to June 2010 and recorded sales was 4,942 units for June 2011. Combined sales of IS line up was recorded as 1,631 units and the sales of light Lexus trucks was recorded as 5,831 units which is 38.9% less as compare to June 2010 whereas sales of mid size luxury utility truck i.e. GX460 was 558 units.

Sales Report of Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) Hybrids

Sales of Hybrid vehicles for June 2011 were 5,703 units which is 62.5% less as compare to June 2010. Recorded sales of hybrid vehicles for June 2011 of Toyota Division was 4,863, on the other side sales of hybrid vehicles of Lexus Division was 840 units for June 2011.

The main reason for the sales decline is the catastrophe of Japan which badly affected the automobile sector and supply of vehicle to the dealers fell short due to shortage of parts. It is anticipated that Toyota Motors Sales, U.S.A Inc. will overcome the sales decline in next couple of months.

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