Putting a Unique Twist on the Corvettes’ Universal Appeal

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2010 CorvetteWhatever the future of GM and the Corvette brand, the iconic American sportscar continues to appeal to young and old. And with used car prices falling, and the looming release of the 2010 Corvette, many are taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to add their dream car to their garage. Manufacturer and government incentives on new cars, and falling used car prices are helping many to finally own a piece of the Corvette’s allure.

And with so many finally getting the opportunity to own one, many Corvette owners are looking for ways to personalize and enhance their Corvette. Some are looking for subtle accents for the interior, like a set of aftermarket Corvette gauges or inserts. Some are going for more aggressive performance modifications, like performance-oriented aftermarket C6 parts, that are designed to give their car even more grip and acceleration. Some are looking to save money, by adding a cold air intake or an exhaust that improves performance and also saves on gas.

Corvette Gauges

Finding parts available for a specific year and model of Corvette can be a challenge, but the days of catalog order are long gone. Now with just a few clicks of a mouse, Corvette owners can find online specialty stores that allow them to search by year. Many of these stores, like CorvetteGuys, even offer free shipping. So whether it’s a brand-new Corvette or an older one, they can see all the different ways they can personalize their Corvette – and find necessary replacement parts and maintenance items, like engine-specific Corvette oil filters, in minutes, without ever leaving their chair.

Corvette Oil Filters

When you look at the sales numbers, it’s obvious that the Corvette is still an enormously popular car – GM’s figures for April are at their highest point since September 2008, even with the announced release of the 2010 Corvette. This also means that a lot of Corvettes are changing hands – from new to used, and down the line – and with the market for used cars, we’ve heard of some really great prices on C5’s and even early C6’s. Being a Corvette owner is still an exclusive club, but enhancing the appearance and performance of this definitive American Sports Car is both easy and economical. With a classic American sportscar being available at such an attractive price, it’s one of the better buys on the market – and with the extra cash left over, you can afford to personalize it to your unique style.

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