Prime Minister of Japan Drove Nissan LEAF to Mark the Beginning of Autonomous Drive

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Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, drove the all-electric Nissan LEAF vehicle last week to mark the beginning of Nissan’s revolutionary Autonomous Drive test car. Nissan LEAF is the first car to possess the Autonomous Drive capability and has been granted a license plate in the country. The vehicle was driven around the roads of Japan’s parliament, the Imperial Palace and the National Diet Front Garden, which is a public park located in the middle of Tokyo.

The autonomously driven vehicles have the ability to immensely influence Japan’s economic growth, which is the reason why it has a complete backing of the government, as showcased by the Prime Minister. Through tremendous planning and support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the historic event was organized efficiently, as the participating local motor manufacturers worked alongside several government offices and ministries.

Nissan is using LEAF as the basic vehicle for the promotion of autonomous drive technology. Thanks to the technology that efficiently examines road conditions, driving on public roads has been made possible as the nearby traffic lights, pedestrians, traffic signs and other related things are identified by the cameras, radar and laser scanner available in the car. An on-board computer processes the information and takes important decisions, which are then implemented with automatically operated controls for vehicle’s handling, brakes, acceleration, etc.

The Prime Minister of Japan Drove The Electric Nissan LEAF

Toshiyuki Shiga, the Vice Chairman of Nissan, expressed that the company took a massive step towards its dream of Autonomous Drive through the demonstration that took place in the presence of the Prime Minister.

Shiga vowed that Nissan will continue to work hard to make mobility more comfortable, safer and environment-friendly. The Vice Chairman is delighted to have received all the cooperation from the government and the concerned individuals.

It needs to be mentioned that Nissan happens to be the second largest automobile manufacturer of Japan after Toyota.

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