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The Peugeot 206 was one of the most popular car in its class when it was produced from 1998 to 2009. Most of the cars sold in Britain were also manufactured in Britain. Nowadays the 206 enjoys an excellent position in the used car market and there are plenty of great bargains to be found, check out a Peugeot 206 for sale over at So what is so great about the 206 that made is so popular? Here we will look at some of its more important features.

Firstly we will look at the most notoriously negative feature of the car, and one for which it has been strongly criticised: it is impossible (yes, we mean impossible) to find a comfortable driving position. How Peugeot managed to design a car which to drive you had to distort your body with your knees in the air and your arms outstretched is quite remarkable. Its not to bad if you are very short, but dreadful if you are above average height.

Photo by johan wieland

However, if you can cope with that criticism (almost) everything else about the car is just great. It has great looks, it drives well if not brilliantly, it is reasonably comfortable if you are not the person driving it, and there is just about enough space for four adults. It is also lots of fun.

There is a good range of engines which include some just about adequate petrol engines and some reasonable diesels (the HDi units) along with a not so good diesel, the 1.9 D which is rather noisy and lumpy. The 2.0 HDi is the best all-round choice but the 180 bhp 2.0 litre petrol engine is the fastest giving a 0 to 62 mph dash in just 8.6 seconds.

There are a number of different levels of trim, and as they have little impact on the used car price you are advised to find the best you can. The basic is the Style, then the LX or S followed by the GLX, SE and Sport.

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