19 Jan

A Beginner’s Guide to BMWs

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BMW are the UK’s most popular luxury manufacturer, ranging from executive saloons to family SUVs, it offers everything you’ll need. They have been a top 5 best seller in UK Dealerships for decades and there is a reason why, with being named the most reputable car brand for 3 years running, all models boast a stylish design along with the best safety in all the industry.

04 Jan

Top Five MPVs

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It seems as though most people think MPVs are for those who have completely given up with life, but actually, they’re completely wrong. Just because you have children, doesn’t mean that you have to find a car that is merely bearable to travel in, or one that has literally no style and excitement – these top five MPVs prove that you can travel in style and enjoy it, even with your family!

04 Jan

Be Vigilant with Your Tyres this Winter

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With winter just around the corner, the bitter-cold nights and the frosty mornings are even more of a reason to be vigilant on the roads and to make sure that you’ve got tyres that are up to facing the challenging weather conditions. If you’re a driver who needs a little push in the right direction, or if you need some advice on how to be vigilant with your tyres, take a look at our advice below!

21 Dec

The World’s Most Reliable Cars

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Most Reliable Cars

Every year the big car reviewers send out surveys to find out which car is the Uk’s most reliable. And every year those surveys churn out some very impressive results.

The surveys themselves break down into subcategories, giving a flavour of what real drivers think about their cars. All sorts of key performance metrics are reported including handling and performance. But today we’re interested in the on thing and one thing only, reliability. This year the Driver Power Survey has sent out over 50,000 questionnaires to drivers up and down the UK. So what are the results?

20 Dec

Safe Winter Driving Tips and Guide

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Winter is here, the temperatures are dropping, and this brings adverse driving conditions with it. Around 190 people die every year on Ireland’s roads highlighting the need for extra care to be taken especially over the Winter months. Before making any journey make sure your vehicle is Winter-ready.

18 Dec

Top Five Cars for Busy Cities

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Busy cities can be extremely difficult to navigate in the wrong vehicle, but luckily, there is a great variety of compact cars available, designed specifically for this purpose. Including some of the most durable and nimble cars on the market, here are the top five cars for busy cities.

12 Dec

Hyundai Kona Review

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While Hyundai are better known for its generous selection of compact city cars and practical family hatchbacks, it’s fair to say that they have certainly exceeded all expectations after producing the compact Hyundai Kona crossover – not to mention the cool and clever devices that are available for passengers  ‘Along with an affordable price, along with easy accessibility, being available at dealerships across the UK’  added Sophie of Sammy Lees Motors as he kindly helped us conduct this review.

24 Nov

What Can You Do In 5 Seconds?

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New plans announced recently by the government could soon see motorists across the UK being punished a lot more if they are caught using a mobile phone while driving.

20 Nov

Understanding the Cost of Insuring a Sports Car

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While sports cars are some of the most visually and aesthetically appealing autos available on the market, any enthusiasm you might have for them can be deflated by the cost involved with insuring them. Before you drive off the dealership lot with your new Ferrari, get an idea of how much you can expect to pay to ensure your new ride and the factors that determine your final cost of coverage.

14 Nov

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Car Cover During Snowy Weather

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Parking in a driveway or on the street during winter months can leave your truck buried in snow, making clearing it off difficult. On top of that, the snow becomes packed down hard from plows pushing it around your truck or driveway.

No matter how much snow has fallen, it is significant to clear your truck off. We listed four reasons why your truck should not be covered in snow to encourage you to clear it off during winter or better yet invest in Chevy truck covers or one that fits your model.