29 Sep

Prevent Breakdowns with a Healthy Cooling System

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When your car engine is running it is naturally producing heat.  There are many things that can happen when the engine gets too hot. In some cases this can cause engine damage or a breakdown.  The cooling system in your car is going to work to keep your engine cool so that you do not have one of these negative experiences.  In fact many people do not realize that one of the most common reasons for a breakdown is an issue with the cooling system.  The cooling system works by moving the heat from the engine to the air outside.  As you are driving down the road, the only thing that is keeping your engine from overheating is your cooling system.

24 Sep

Here’s What You’ll Need if You Want to Build Your Own Car

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Most people who want a car will work toward renting or buying one. But, did you know, you can also build your own car. This is something that a fair few car enthusiasts these days do. But, it needn’t be limited just to the select few. You need to think about the possibility of building your own car.

22 Sep

2016 Infiniti QX50 Packs more Punch in Less Bucks

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The Nissan’s luxury division has announced that the 2016 Infinity QX50 will hit the markets next month with a longer wheel base and lesser price compared to its predecessor. The standard QX50 is priced at $35,445 which is $550 less than the ongoing model. The crossover is not only well priced but also boasts better specs with standard sunroof and heated front and rear seats.

07 Sep

Getting a good deal on a car loan

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If you are intending to purchase a new car, the chances are that you will also be searching for a good deal on a car loan. Purchasing a new car is expensive, so while searching for a good deal on a car loan may not be as much fun as searching for the car itself, it is just as important.

01 Aug

2015 Volkswagen California Prepares for Launch

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The order books for the all-new version of the Volkswagen California will open this Monday (August 3rd), the German manufacturer has announced.

Based on the current Volkswagen Transporter, the camper van will be available in the entry-level Beach model — priced from £37,657 up to £41,515 — and also in an Ocean variant, which costs from £47,840 up to a maximum £54,975.

Leading Volkswagen retailer Inchcape Volkswagen is hoping to ease the costs with a California offer which will see the camper van available at just £349 a month plus VAT. Drivers will also receive one free interim service and one free full service. Click here to take advantage of the deal.

31 Jul

Best Way to Source a New Van

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If you’re in need of a van, whether for work or personal use, then you may be unsure of where and how to look. Sure, you know a lot about cars and where’s best to find them, but you might be a little less clued up when it comes to the humble van. Fear not – here we’re going to take a quick look at the best ways of quickly sorting yourself out with one.

28 Jul

Private selling made easy with We Buy Any Car Birmingham services

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When looking to sell your car, it is best to sell it to a car buying companies. You can complete the majority of the process online, and they will then come to collect the car from you for no fee and no matter where you are located. These companies make it a quick, convenient and risk free method of selling.

24 Jul

6 Most Unrealistic Concept Cars that were Actually Made

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You may have seen both weird and amazing computer generated 3D car concepts. But not all cars visualised on the computer screen can practically be materialized into reality. Having said that, there are a few cars which even due to their unrealistic design did come out of the factories.

10 Jul

Looking to Start Being Your Own Mechanic? You’ll Need These Tools

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It’s very well known that the cost of car repairs is often not expensive because of the parts that need replacing, but because of the labour involved in actually diagnosing the problem, removing faulty parts, and fitting new ones.

08 Jul

2017 Challenger Hellcat

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In the next few years, there will be more to see from Dodge’s arsenal.

Rumour has it that the people from Dodge plan to rebuild the almighty Challenger Hellcat into something even more powerful and road crushing.

The new iteration of the Challenger will have to show some serious muscle if it wants to leave a mark among the giants in this show, the Mustang GT and the Camaro SS.